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Statement By Dwight Hobbs

Everyone likes a Good Mystery.

Uncovering something that has been hidden for a long time inspires me.

Hidden with in a tree is the Age of the tree and the Beauty which is found there.

Beneath the bark and inside of the tree, are rings disclosing the age of the tree.

Uncovering the Beauty of what God has hidden, is a big part of why I like to Turn Wood. 

About the rev

It Beckons and Inspires me.

Trees remind me of what astonishing amounts of life have come and gone while trees alone have endured.

In some cases, entire civilizations have come and gone while trees continue to stand tall.

But, as in all of life, there comes a time when leaves will no longer grace the branches of a tree for its life too, has come to an end.


I make my bowls from the greenwood of the fallen tree, due to storms or disease.

I try to find wood that is reclaimed and I prefer to not cut a healthy tree to get wood blanks for turning.

I also use flat boards to make segmented bowls and other vessels.


My journey into Wood Turning began with a college course on Woodworking.

One of the things that I remember, is the Instructor teaching us to appreciate wood and to feel the finished product.

He taught us to view it as Fine Art.

Upon graduation, my life took a different turn than the one I had intended to take. The love of Turning, however, never left me.

Little did I know that God was preparing me for a long ministry to local churches for Forty-Nine Years.

I went from shaping bowls to helping to shape lives by imparting that which He places on my heart.


Both are gifts from God.

I am still active in pastoring, but not full-time. I rediscovered Wood Working and focus on turning.

It’s been four years and I continue to learn.

I belong to a Wood Turning Club where the members are so gracious in helping me and others with their years of knowledge.

It is my desire to also help others who pursue this endeavor and discover the same joy that I feel.

I feel the bowls that I turn are an extension of the life of a tree and an extension of myself.

It is my way of Showing Appreciation of yet another splendor of God’s magnificent Creations.

It’s also a way of saying

‘Thank You, God, for the Gift that You Have Given Me and are Allowing me to Share With Others.


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