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Turning of the Wood into pieces of Wood Art. Look at the Gallery of beautiful wood sculptures are excavated from the block of wood. The Rev brings joy to us to watch him create such beautiful art pieces.

Rev Dwight Hobbs Workshop Part 1

How I go about making a segmented bowl.  This was going to be a part of my turning club demonstration.  

In this first video, I am describing the procedure for cutting the segments on the wedgie sled and preparing the segments for gluing in the ring.  The wood I am using here is hickory.

Most of the wood I use comes from many sources. 

Some from my property that has storm damage or insect damage.  I acquire wood from other woodturning friends as I share my greenwood blanks with them. 

Some of my bowl banks come from local tree services that trim trees and remove them.  If they have a tree of use, they will call and I will go and prepare the greenwood blanks.  

The process of preparing the greenwood blanks involves sawing the tree into lengths that will mount on the lathe.  Then sawing the pith, the center of the tree out. When finished you have two halves that will form two bowls.

Once you have the bowls in your shop you continue to process them into useable blanks by cutting them round on a bandsaw.  Once the blanks are prepared you can turn them or coat them with a wood sealer to be turned in another day. 


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Rev Dwight Hobbs Workshop Part 2

I am taking the hickory wood that I harvested from a fallen tree on my property and had sawn into boards and then stacked to air dry. 


Once the segments are cut and prepared for gluing, I then glue the segments into a ring and clamp it until the glue is dry.  Once the glue is dry I sand both sides flat so that they will fit when glued to the next ring.  

Woodturning is an enjoyable hobby.

I like to take a piece of wood from a woodpile and mount it onto the wood-turning lathe and see what shape and form will come from it.  It is the joy of discovering the hidden grain pattern that God and nature have worked together to create.  

Segmented turning which was the topic of the videos is becoming one of my favorites things to do with dry wood that is in the shape of flat boards.  Some of the wood is local and other times I will use a mixture of Exotic woods (woods that are not native to North America ) and local woods to create a segmented vessel.  

Rev Dwight Hobbs Workshop Part 3

 I am simply showing what the ring looks like after it is sawn, glued, and ready for turning.  

Once the rings are flat and glued on top of each other then the turning begins. It is best to mount the base of the bowl to a faceplate/glue block because you may need to remove it from the lathe to do other projects.  


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