2021 Craft Show Season

The Rev has been hard at work with The Digital Max Agency in developing this web site. Digital Max has been a pleasure to work with and the Rev will continue to work with this wonderful agency. If you like this website or wish to make your own, they are ready to collaborate with you. If you have a software or hardware problem, they can help with that as well.

The Rev has competed the 2021 craft show season and is now working on 2022 season. The Rev enjoys meeting people and answering questions they have about the Rev’s work. He tries to have a variety of turnings at the craft fair shows for people to see and purchase. The Rev will be adding new wood-related products as time permits. The Rev will also take commissioned orders if within his skill level to produce or availability of wood species to work with.

The Rev is a member of two woodturning organizations. He is a member of the Tri Cities Woodturners club is a local club where members share information and techniques about woodturning. He is also a Member of the Tennessee Craft Northeast chapter. The Rev work has earned a people’s choice award as part of the Tennessee Craft week at the historic General Morgan Inn in Greenville TN.

While The Rev. enjoys woodworking He enjoys serving as Pastor of Cherokee Baptist Church in Jonesborough TN. More. Cherokee Baptist Church was organized in 1783 and has been a church that has stood true to the preaching and teaching of God’s word.

The Rev has been involved with church work for 45 years. During that time, he has earned both a Master of Divinity degree and A Doctor of Ministry degree. He accepted his first church in 1982 as pastor and served in that calling for 39 years. Serving a total of six churches in that time. Sharing Jesus in both his preaching and now in his woodworking.

The Rev has a YouTube channel where he will be adding videos from time to time. At the present time, there are four. Please feel free to check out those videos they explain the process I use to make segmented bowls.

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